iOX Futsal Tour entrenadores formacion

Tour iOX futsal for Coaches

Between the 2nd and the 4th of December iOX Futsal and Grant Career began a new collaboration, organizing a tour together with Japanese physiotherapists and physical trainers interested in knowing the work methodology in Spain.

During the first day of the Tour, the attendees were able to visit the Ciutat Esportiva FC Barcelona, where they were received by the second team of FC Barcelona futsal physiotherapist who explained the methodology and protocol level work treatments and injury prevention.

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Then the second team trainer explained the line of work and planning of physical training and the importance of strength training applied to futsal and the benefits and methods to prevent injuries.

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The second day of the tour was used to organize a workshop by Oscar Alonso a staff member of iOX Futsal, which explained the method IOx Futsal refering the preventive training, where they talked about the protocols, structure, planning, … and others procedures applied by our staff.

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In the afternoon we could see, share, and discuss how to work in an elite team like the CatGas Santa Coloma, a first division team in LNFS. Dani, the physical trainer of the first team, explained the planning and individualized protocols carried out with the players to strengthen their weaknesses and to prevent injuries. At the same time, we shared a few minutes with Javi a physiotherapist who explained to all participants injuries that occurred more frequently in the team as well as the treatment protocol followed when an injury occurred.

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The last day of the Tour served to observe the work methodology of the Base of FC Barcelona and know how to plan and work in the formative cathegories of an elite club.

The climax of the tour was the assistance live to a game of the LNFS team Cat Gas played against Santiago Futsal, where we analyze, with the staff of IOX Futsal, the two warm-ups made by both teams.

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As good Japanesses they did not lose any detail of all the explanations and trainings, acquiring new knowledge and experience that could be applied in Japan.

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